Kickers Tovni Lacer Vegan Shoes Black

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Tovni Lacer Vegan Shoes We’re Kickers and we’re super proud that word on the street is our kicks have it all: comfort, durability, high-quality and style. ‘Cos we’re all about freedom of choice we’ve worked hard to give you everything we’re iconic for but 100% Vegan. Our plant-based leather is PETA approved, made from 75% plant-based materials including a mix of corn and cereals, which are grown for non-food purposes and is 100% GMO free and FSC certified Viscose, while the remaining 25% is synthetics (which ensures durability in footwear). We’ve kept these Kicks visually the same as our iconic leather ones but have added subtle branding updates such as all green branding details on the tabs and sole vs our normal red and green mix. These also come in a green branded shoebox thats made using 90% recycled material and natural soya ink, this is fully recyclable. The Tovni Lacer is our take on a classic sneaker, adding our signature triple stitching, and iconic branding, whilst the slip resistant sole will keep you on your feet.