Tik Tok Shoe Video Ideas

Tik Tok Shoe Challenge

If you are planning to create a shoe based video for you Tik Tok, why not try some of these ideas……

  1. Put on your favorite pair of shoes and show off the unique details that make them special
  2. Do a side-by-side comparison of two different types of shoes to help people decide which they should buy
  3. Make an impromptu shoe collection tour – film yourself showing off all your pairs one by one
  4. Dare someone to try walking down the street with mismatched shoes for a funny look!
  5. Create a fun challenge where you have to guess what type of shoe it is from just looking at it without seeing its label or design features first!
  6. Ask followers to share photos/videos of their most prized pair, complete with stories about why they love them so much!
  7. Showcase your DIY skills by upcycling old pairs into something new and creative – like making sandals out of sneakers or flip flops out of dress shoes!
  8. Try on every single style in store & rate each one based on comfort, fashion & price point – let viewers vote on their favourite picks too !
  9. Take part in the #ShoelaceChallenge – lace up multiple pairs at once (you’ll need some help!) then race against time to get them back undone again afterwards faster than ever before !